The Hunger Ghrelins

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Let’s go on a journey inside your tummy.
To find the Ghrelins
Your hunger hormones
They’re teeny tiny
Microscopic in fact​
And unless you eat soon, their numbers will grow.
Most of us can feed them with a healthy snack
However, for 1 in 5 hungry West Aussies
This is notan option.
But there is Hope…
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You know that rumbly, grumbly, hungry feeling in your tummy? That’s the GHRELINS calling. Your hunger hormones. Hold onto your hungry feeling and shape your dough to form your own Hunger Ghrelin. Share your Ghrelin to social media. The more who know, the fight will grow.

In this box you will find:
4x modelling dough
6x googly eyes

Not included:
Imagination – that part is up to you.​

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